Le quartier Lison : Episode #1Higuma - Lison Paris

Discover Authentic Japanese Cuisine at Restaurant Higuma in Paris

Paris, the city of lights, is renowned for its many gourmet addresses, but among them stands out a little Japanese gem hidden in the heart of the Latin Quarter: Restaurant Higuma. Nestled in a discreet street, Higuma offers an authentic and delicious culinary experience that transports diners directly to Japan.

A warm atmosphere

As soon as you enter the restaurant, you're greeted by a warm, friendly atmosphere. Wooden walls, dimmed lanterns and delicate touches of Japanese decoration create a soothing setting that contrasts with the hustle and bustle of the city outside. Whether you're an old hand at Japanese cuisine or a novice, Higuma's welcoming atmosphere will put you at ease right from the start.


A culinary journey

Higuma's menu offers a variety of traditional Japanese dishes, from classics like sushi and sashimi to more elaborate dishes such as ramen and donburi. Each dish is prepared with careful attention to detail and authentic flavors. Higuma's talented chefs use fresh, quality ingredients to guarantee an exceptional culinary experience with every bite.



Among Higuma's must-try dishes, ramen takes pride of place. The steaming bowls of noodles accompanied by savory broth and a variety of toppings are a veritable symphony of flavors. Whether you opt for ramen with miso, shoyu (soy sauce) or shio (salt), each variation is an invitation to a unique gustatory journey.

Sushi lovers will also find what they're looking for, with fresh, well-presented assortments. Higuma's sushi is prepared with exceptional mastery, highlighting the freshness of the fish and the quality of the rice.

An affordable experience

Another feature that sets Higuma apart is its exceptional value for money. Although located in the heart of Paris, the restaurant offers delicious dishes at affordable prices, making it an ideal option for those wishing to enjoy authentic Japanese cuisine without breaking the bank.

 In conclusion, the Higuma restaurant in Paris is a must for lovers of Japanese cuisine in search of authenticity and refined flavors. From the warm ambience to the diversity of dishes on offer, Higuma offers a culinary experience that leaves a lasting impression. So, if you're looking for a tasty trip to Japan without leaving Paris, Higuma is the place to go.

Restaurant Higuma : 

32bis Rue Sainte-Anne,

75001 Paris