Passionnate and Sensitive

Lison Paris is a swimwear brand created by two sisters who are passionate about travel and deeply sensitive to the beauty of the planet. They are mothers who are committed to the future. Environmental respect is at the heart of their approach, representing a true commitment.

In Pursuit of Eco-Responsibility

All polyamide fabrics used by Lison Paris are of European origin: comfortable swimsuits that are breathable and quick-drying.
Our best-selling swimsuits, like the Bora Bora, are created using Econyl® fiber.
This premium recycled and recyclable fiber is developed from abandoned fishing nets and other waste collected from the oceans. It offers an alternative to natural materials that need to be preserved, while also helping to clean the oceans and promote eco-responsible fashion.
The charm of Econyl® also lies in its exceptional technical properties: an elastic and highly resistant fiber to sunscreen, wear, and repeated bathing.

Resilient and Sustainable Swimwear

Don't be fooled by their charming ruffles, exclusive prints, and delicate couture finishes: Lison Paris swimsuits are of exceptional and enduring quality. They are created to accompany you for much more than just one summer:

  • Jump in the waves and withstand the salt of the sea
  • Roll around in the sand
  • Dive into the chlorine of the pool
  • Endure layers of sunscreen
  • Then dry in the sun
  • ...and repeat over and over again
It is whispered that Lison Paris swimsuits often enjoy a new life, never losing their brilliance, to the great delight of younger brothers and sisters. But shh... it's a family secret.

Luminous and UV-Protective Fabric to Filter Sun Rays

A brand's conscience also involves caring for the well-being of those who wear our swimsuits.
Embrace the summer heat, exhilarating vacations, and softly golden skin... enjoy the sun, but only its benefits. That's why all our swimsuits are UV-protective.
This commitment to joyful and luminous fashion, because it is sustainable and eco-responsible, embodies Lison Paris naturally and consciously.