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Discover Hotel Excellence with Six Senses: An Experience Beyond the Senses

The luxury hotel sector is constantly evolving, always seeking to offer unique and memorable experiences to its demanding customers. In this perpetual quest for excellence, one group in particular stands out: Six Senses. Founded on the vision of a life well lived, this hotel group is a forerunner of a lifestyle based on well-being, sustainability and authenticity.

The Six Senses Concept: Harmony and Authenticity

Six Senses embodies the idea of harmony between people and nature, between luxury and sustainability. Each resort is carefully designed to blend harmoniously into its environment, respecting local culture and minimising its impact on the planet. Natural materials and sustainable construction techniques are favoured, while a commitment to social and environmental responsibility is at the heart of their approach.

Well-being as a priority

What sets Six Senses apart is its commitment to holistic wellbeing. Each hotel offers a full range of health and wellness services, from sumptuous spas to personalised fitness programmes. Guests are invited to reconnect with themselves through activities such as yoga, meditation, nutritional consultations and holistic therapies.

The Personalised Customer Experience

Six Senses is committed to a highly personalised guest experience. Each guest is considered a unique individual, and the properties tailor services to meet their specific needs. Whether it's arranging local excursions, customising food menus or creating bespoke wellness sessions, Six Senses goes above and beyond to deliver an exceptional experience for every guest.

Sustainability at the Heart of the Experience

One of the fundamental pillars of Six Senses is its commitment to sustainability. Each property is designed and managed to minimise its environmental footprint. Innovative initiatives, such as the use of renewable energy, responsible water management, and waste reduction, are put in place to contribute to the preservation of our planet. Lison Paris is proud to announce that our eco-friendly collections are now on sale in several Six Senses resorts around the world. Our swimwear has easily found its way into these hotels, as our spectacular collections, exclusive prints and impeccable quality have their place in the closed world of luxury hotels. What's more, our commitment to more sustainable fashion is in harmony with the Six Senses group's desire for sustainability.

Inspired Expansion

Six Senses continues to expand into destinations around the world, offering travellers an opportunity to enjoy this unique experience wherever they go. With properties in iconic locations such as the Maldives, Portugal, Thailand and many more, Six Senses has captured the hearts of travellers seeking a luxury escape that combines wellness and sustainability.

In a world where luxury is measured not only by top-of-the-range services but also by a commitment to our planet and our well-being, Six Senses stands out. It's an invitation to experience something that transcends the senses, where refinement meets authenticity, and where every moment is a celebration of life.


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