Lison Paris : marque éco-responsable et tendance - Lison Paris

Your favorite swimwear brand has been committed to the planet for several years now. In addition to using fabrics made from discarded fishing nets and then recycled into regenerated nylon, the brand does not use any plastic parts on its models. In addition, the bags in which the swimsuits, cover-ups, and anti-UV clothes are sent to you are all made of 100% biodegradable cornstarch. But it is important to note that we also recycle all cardboard boxes and cornstarch bags. Our warehouse uses 100% recyclable cardboard to keep the stock. Our professional shipments, to our stores in France and abroad, are also made without plastic and in recycled and recyclable cartons.

But what does eco-responsible mean?

Eco-responsible is a practice that consists in adopting environmentally friendly behaviors and minimizing the consumption of natural resources. This practice is becoming more and more common and has even become part of the vocabulary of modern society. In recent decades, the world's population has become increasingly aware of the negative effects of waste and global warming and is looking for sustainable and environmentally friendly solutions.

Eco-responsibility covers many areas.

For example, sustainable development is a practice that aims to maintain a balance between environmental protection and the use of natural resources. Initiatives to reduce carbon footprints and improve energy efficiency are also part of eco-responsibility. In addition, eco-responsibility can also take the form of waste management practices. Methods that aim to reduce waste and recycle it is known as waste separation, and it is an effective way to minimize the impact on our environment.

We can also be eco-friendly in the way we consume

Buying local products, making ethical purchases and avoiding disposable products are simple ways to be more responsible. In our approach to preserving the environment and avoiding waste as much as possible, Lison Paris has partnered with "Family Affaire", a shop specializing in high-end pre-loved clothes. The store has a great selection of brand-name clothes that you can buy while saving money and doing something positive for the environment. Find great pieces, fall in love with trendy clothes, create a cool wardrobe, and be part of our effort for more responsible and ethical consumption.

Lison Paris & Family Affaire up-cycle your swimwear and beachwear. Giving your clothes a second life helps to avoid waste. For its part, Lison Paris strives to create pieces that last over time and can spend several summers in the sun with you.

So if there are still many things to change, many people to convince, we are convinced that every gesture counts, even the invisible ones. Every day we make conscious and eco-responsible choices so that our life lasts in time, but gently for the planet. Furthermore, All your orders are protected by a bag of 100% biodegradable and eco-friendly cornstarch. There is no longer any plastic in Lison Paris orders, neither in our warehouse nor even in our professional shipments.