What are the girls' swimwear trends for 2024?

Quelles sont les tendances Maillots de Bain Filles en 2024 ?

Discover the Most Sought-After Looks.

Summer is just around the corner, and with it comes the time to refresh your girls' and teens' swimwear wardrobe. To help you stay on the cutting edge of fashion, we have gathered the hottest swimwear trends for girls in 2024. Whether you are looking for exclusive prints, modern silhouettes, or refined details, you'll find everything you need here to make your daughter the queen of the beach this summer.

Swimsuits with Exclusive and Artistic Prints:

This year at Lison Paris, girls' swimsuits feature artistic and exclusive prints that add a touch of creativity and personality. Abstract patterns, watercolor illustrations, and delicate prints are at the heart of this 2024 trend. We are in love with the gorgeous Kokomo print, hand-drawn by our favorite graphic designer. Alternatively, our Paros print takes you to the Cyclades with a fun and playful twist.

Swimsuits in Pastel and Soft Colors:

Pastel and soft tones are here to bring a touch of sweetness and innocence to girls' swimsuits. Shades like powder pink, sky blue, and mint green are particularly popular this season, creating a delicate and refreshing ambiance. If you love these colors, then quickly check out our collections of one-piece swimsuits and bikinis such as Bahamas, Bora Bora, or Tahaa and Kokomo.

Swimsuits with Refined Details:

Retro silhouettes continue to dominate swimwear trends and kaftans for girls in 2024. Details and embellishments such as pearls, ruffles, pom-poms, and trendy prints are key. At Lison Paris, our swimwear jewelry and pearls are gold-plated and adorn our swimsuits so that your girls can sparkle all summer long. For teenagers, details are highly sought after, and they love Lison Paris swimsuits for their exquisite details.

Sporty and Comfortable Swimsuits:

With the Olympics around the corner, sporty styles are all the rage this year, featuring swimsuits for girls inspired by the sports world. Details like side stripes, bold cutouts, and zippers add an athletic and modern touch to swimsuits while offering optimal comfort for an active day at the beach or pool. The Acapulco swimsuit, one of our bestsellers, is highly appreciated by our young customers looking for comfortable and colorful swimsuits. They are perfect for running, jumping, and swimming all summer long.

Long-Sleeved Swimsuits:

Long-sleeved swimsuits are gaining popularity in 2024, offering girls an elegant and covering option to enjoy aquatic activities with confidence. One-piece swimsuits with long sleeves provide extra sun protection while remaining stylish and trendy. The most sought-after long-sleeved swimsuits from Lison Paris are the India, Tahaa, and Bora Bora swimsuits.

By following these swimwear trends from Lison Paris for girls in 2024, you can help your child stay fashion-forward while remaining comfortable and confident during her summer adventures. Whether you opt for fancy prints, pastel colors, or refined details, make sure to choose a swimsuit that matches your little girl's style and personality so she can shine under the sun this summer!

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