Toutes les femmes de Lison Paris - Lison Paris

Lison Paris is above all a story of family and girls.

I remember asking Olivia to help me create a small collection of swimsuits. The idea was to sell them to friends and friends of friends…

After begging and insisting, Olivia finally agreed.

This summer 2015, under the blazing sun in Saint Tropez, we both fell in love with our little bikinis, and our first clients too …

Thanks to the magnificent Club 55 shop and its owner, who gave Lison Paris a chance, this first collection, straight out of a dream, was an unexpected success.

The rest of the story? Hours spent on the phone, sketches, amazing and anecdotal journeys to India, laughter and even a few tears …

But always the desire to transmit in each swimsuit the generosity and love of detail which characterizes Lison Paris.

What also makes Lison Paris so special is the fact that it is truly a woman’s story. Our grandmother was called Lison and she was the kindest and sweetest Mamie any girl could wish for. She taught us how to find blackberries, jump in icy water holes, gather lavander in huge purple bouquets, and run after goats in the Provence countryside. All our bikinis carry with them our childhood memories, the sound of laughter and the glow of a summer day… The women of Lison Paris are also in India where our talented teams work to create swimsuits and dresses with gorgeous details and finishings. And there are also women in Tunisia, whom in the middle of smiles, apply all their  dedication and love on each pattern and new bikini.

So, every time a little girl wears a Lison Paris swimsuit it is this story of talented and creative women which is passed on a little more.