How to choose a swimsuit for a girl ?

Comment choisir un maillot de bain fille? - Lison Paris

What swimwear for active girls?

When choosing your girls' swimwear, consider the sports activities she will be doing. For water activities, we recommend a one-piece swimsuit that stays in place, and why not a surf shorts? Designed for girls, they are worn over the swimsuit. They are ultra-lightweight, provide great freedom of movement, and dry in seconds! As you can see, for active girls, it is better to buy a one-piece swimsuit that offers support and comfort. We recommend taking a look at our girls' collection.

What swimwear for a fashion-loving girl?

Is your daughter a fashionista? Does she dream of looking like you? You will undoubtedly find a bikini to her liking. Most swimwear styles exist in children's sizes to follow the trends of adults: triangles or bandeau, briefs or bottoms, straps or halter neck... In terms of colors and patterns, Lison Paris offers a wide variety of two-piece swimsuits and exclusive prints.

Swimsuit for your teenage daughter

Your daughter has grown up, she's a teenager who has seen her body change... If she is confident and comfortable in her body, then she can wear anything as long as the swimsuit suits her taste and body shape. We have stunning and super trendy swimsuits for teens! Is your daughter no longer confident in wearing a swimsuit? Don't worry, there are solutions: a one-piece swimsuit that hides the belly, UV-protective T-shirts with a slightly loose fit, or our beautiful beach caftans that are like rays of sunshine... Also, be careful to choose a swimsuit that fits well for a larger or smaller bust. At Lison Paris, we have swimwear for all girls!

And for babies, what swimwear to choose?

At Lison Paris, we strongly recommend avoiding sun exposure for your little baby. Invest in UV-protective clothing, there is a lovely selection on our website. Whether it's a UV-protective swimsuit, a UV-protective T-shirt, or a sun hat, these items provide very high sun protection. We also have long-sleeve swimsuits for optimal protection. Our baby swimwear is a perfect solution for combining high sun protection and style. Read our article on sun protection to learn more about our UV-protective clothing.


Here are some easy tips to have a happy and lovely girl in her swimwear. Whether your daughter is girly, trendy, reserved, or sporty, you can find in our swimwear collections all the models, colors, and styles for her to find happiness and have a stylish and fun-filled summer!

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