Econyl Fiber: An Ecological Revolution

La Fibre Econyl : Une Révolution Écologique - Lison Paris

Environmental awareness is gaining ground in our society, prompting many industries to seek sustainable solutions. In fashion, Econyl® fiber has emerged as an ecological alternative, offering a new perspective on sustainability in the textile industry.

What is Econyl® Fiber?

Econyl® Fiber is a regenerated synthetic fiber created from plastic waste recovered from oceans and other sources. It is mainly produced by an Italian company called Aquafil, which has developed an innovative process for regenerating plastic materials into a new textile fiber.

Production process :

The production process for Econyl® Fiber begins with the collection of plastic waste such as abandoned fishing nets, used carpets and other synthetic materials. This waste is then cleaned, broken down and transformed into a new raw material called regenerated nylon. 

The next step is to spin this regenerated raw material to create Econyl® fiber. This regeneration process significantly reduces environmental impact, while retaining the technical properties of traditional nylon.

Cool characteristics of Econyl® fiber:

This fiber has characteristics similar to those of traditional nylon, offering exceptional durability, strength and elasticity. It can be used in the manufacture of garments, swimwear, carpets and other textile products.

Environmental benefits:

One of the main benefits of this fiber is its contribution to reducing plastic pollution of the oceans. By recycling plastic waste, this fiber gives a second life to materials that would otherwise be destined for landfill or the oceans. What's more, the production of Econyl® Fiber requires fewer resources than the production of traditional nylon from virgin raw materials, thus reducing the textile industry's carbon footprint 

Lison Paris and eco-responsibility

For several years now, Lison Paris has been making the vast majority of its beautiful collections from this regenerated fiber. This nylon has fantastic properties for use as a swimwear fiber, as it is soft, breathable and offers optimum protection against the sun's harmful rays. At Lison Paris, iconic girls' swimwear such as Bora Bora, Acapulco and UV-resistant T-shirts help raise consumer awareness of the importance of making eco-responsible choices. More and more customers are looking for swimwear that is more respectful of the planet and their children's skin. At Lison Paris, you no longer have to choose between protection and elegance - and that changes everything!

Econyl® Fiber represents a significant step towards a more sustainable textile industry. Its innovative production process and environmental benefits make it an attractive solution for those seeking to reduce the impact of fashion on our planet. By choosing products made from Econyl® Fiber, Lison Paris plays an active role in preserving the environment while remaining at the cutting edge of fashion.

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