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Down memory lane

Here is a nice post full of nostalgia and memories.
It is with great pleasure that we share with you these photos of our very first swimsuit collection.
I remember this tiny collection, created with love and flair.
That first season, everything was new, exciting…and scary too. The sketches of our prototypes drawn between two subway stops, the colored pencils and worn erasers rolling in handbags … Our first mood-boards organized on the floor, notes and ideas scattered on the carpet … Magazines ripped and gutted in the name of fashion, glitter and pompoms galore.
Our dream to create a unique brand of swimsuits for girls was fed by a hundred source of inspiration ranging from childhood memories to fashion and home decoration trends. Everything we found beautiful in prints, colors, materials and “savoir faire” was gathered to help design our stunning bikinis. Over time, countless sleepless nights, a lot of work, exciting phone calls, handshakes, and beating hearts Lison Paris grew and started to get noticed: In the July heat of Saint Tropez, our first shop the legendary Club 55 fell in love with our swimsuits and suddenly Lison Paris was taking off.

Using only the most beautiful coton voile, eyelet, laces and always keeping a close watch quality and finishings, we were soon launching our second collection and designing more bikinis and summer dresses for your little girls.

Olivia and I wanted to create a brand of swimwear so beautiful, that it would make the beach a place to be happy, have fun and be stylish.
In 2015,  the swimsuit Sofia in denim canvas, and the Palm two-piece suit sold internationally,  traveling all the way from France to NYC and California.

Our lovely little brand of swimwear was making its first footsteps into the world of kids fashion.