Lison Paris story

Let yourself be carried away to the origins of Lison Paris. Listen to the sound of the waves, feel the wind in your hair, the heat of the summer sun, the sand on your skin, hear the laughter of the children: a picture-perfect family vacation ... an enchanted journey between Cape Cod, Britany, Saint Tropez, New York, and Delhi. Immerse yourself in precious and confidential moments. Discover the story of Lison Paris.
Once upon a time, there were two sisters, Alexandra and Olivia, founders of an exceptional swimwear brand.

In the light of a unique family

Alexandra and Olivia grew up in Paris in an international home with a Parisian mother and an American with a very British upbringing.
Alexandra, Olivia, and their little sister Victoria return to the United States every summer to their beloved home in Cape Cod, Massachusetts. It's a wonderful childhood spent on North beach eating ice-cream sandwiches, sailing, and fishing.
The girls grow up, Alexandra leaves Paris to study anthropology and art history in Pennsylvania, then returns to Paris to work in advertising and photojournalism. While on vacation in Mallorca, she falls in love, and without hesitation, she moves to the little island. But our adopted Frenchie, "a fan of fashion, shopping, and decoration", returns to Brittany every summer with her… 6 children!
For her part, Olivia, a business school graduate, began her career in New York at Bloomingdale's then returned to France to work for nearly 15 years for major French brands in the fashion industry - as a product manager, purchasing manager, group manager, and collection director ... Olivia also becomes a happy mom, while thriving in the world of stylists and buyers.

Lison Paris: a growing swimwear brand

Alex is disappointed by the lack of choice and quality in kids’ swimwear. She offers Olivia to create a brand, their brand.  Although it seemed crazy, the idea began growing on them…
Alexandra imagines her first pieces: baby panties and swimsuits made “like when we were little”. Olivia gives him some much-needed business advice. Then everything happens very quickly:

July 14, 2015: the sisters launch the first Lison Paris collection and decide to present it at Club 55 in Saint Tropez. Club 55 was won over by that first collection and it was a success for the brand: the Lison Paris swimsuits were sold out very quickly. On that first summer,  Beyoncé buys several swimsuits for her daughter.

2016: a first Playtime show for Lison Paris, Smallable and Melijoe both place their first order, followed by Le Bon Marché. Everything quickly accelerates: press coverage, interviews, and rapid international growth begin.

2018, the collection is expanding: swimsuits for boys.

2020 A first and successful Teen Collection with bralettes, bikinis, and caftans.

2021: launch of a collection of women's swimwear and opening of the first Show Room Lison Paris in the heart of the City of Light, 19 rue Molière in the 1st arrondissement.

Lison Paris reinvents itself with each collection

Each new collection is full of surprises, new colors, and styles. Only the very best European fabrics with a genuine emphasis on more eco-responsible and anti-UV fibers.  Find exclusive prints inspired by the Indian block print tradition, with graphics and colors revisited by our designers.  Clean lines, very "couture" finishes, handmade, a clever mix of comfort, fun, and elegance, a palette of iconic, irresistible, and vibrant colors, breathtaking ruffles ... with always  the same requirement:
A passion for the exceptional.

Know-how and family business

Alex admits "having learned a lot from Olivia: " a certain discipline and love for detail". Both admit to feeling like doing a "happy dance" each time they see their swimsuits being worn on a beach.

Together Alexandra & Olivia moving forward towards an exciting future united by this somewhat crazy commitment. Two sisters who "became telepathic at work", with sparkling and inspiring personalities, each in their own way.

This is the Lison Paris story.