Lison Paris: a sustainable approach to summer fashion

Lison Paris is a brand of swimwear designed and developed by two sisters
passionate about travel, photography, and cultures: therefore deeply touched by the beauty of our blue planet. Two moms with a great love for detail, a passion for beauty in small things yet with a keen interest in the future of sustainable fashion

Respect for the environment is at the heart of their approach: A true commitment.

On the edge of the eco-responsible trend

All Lison Paris polyamide fabrics are of European origin: comfortable, breathable, and ultra-fast drying swimsuits. Our bestsellers, like the Boras Boras, are created from Econyl® fiber. This high-end fiber, 100% recycled and recyclable, is developed from abandoned fishing nets and other waste collected from the oceans. An alternative to natural materials – to be preserved – and an opportunity to clean up the oceans, for eco-responsible fashion.
The charm of Econyl® also lies in its exceptional technical properties: an elastic and highly resistant fiber. Resistant and durable swimsuits 
Don't be fooled by their charming ruffles, exclusive prints, and delicate stitching finishes:

Lison Paris swimsuits are of exceptional and durable quality.

They have been created to :
• Jump in the waves and resist the salt of the sea
• Roll-roll in the sand
• Dive in chlorine swimming pools
• Withstand layers of sunscreen
• Then dry in the sun
• … before starting again over and over
Rumor has it that Lison Paris swimsuits often get passed on from sibling to sibling, without ever losing their shine or beauty, but shh: it's a family secret.
A stunning UV protective fabric, to filter the sun's dangerous rays: Brand awareness also means caring about the well-being of those who wear our swimwear.