The know-how Lison Paris

Lison Paris is the requirement of a great house, a know-how that makes each creation unique and spectacular. All pieces are the result of rigorous work to find the most beautiful fabrics, create sublime color palettes and prints and finish each garment with luxurious finishes.

The packaging

The Lison Paris shopping experience ends with stunning, eco-friendly and beautiful packaging…like a gift. 

All your orders are protected by a bag of 100% biodegradable and environmentally friendly cornstarch. There is no longer any plastic in Lison Paris orders, neither in our warehouse, nor even in our professional shipments.

Because all gestures count, even those that are invisible. 

• The swimsuits are sent in beautiful beach pouches that can be reused again and again…

• Pieces from the printed cotton collections are shipped in attractive matching pouches and tote bags.

All orders are customizable with loving words for each unique shipment.