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Girl one piece swimsuit, mint tie dyeMaillot de bain une pièce fille, tie dye vert menthe - Lison Paris
Two piece triangle for girls, royal blueTwo piece triangle for girls, royal blue
Teen girl two-piece bikini, coral tie dyeMaillot de bain deux pièces fille, tie dye corail - Lison Paris
Maillot une pièce fille, tie dye corail - Lison ParisGirl one piece swimsuit, coral tie and dye
Teen girl two-piece swimsuit, tie dye mintMaillot de bain deux pièces fille, tie dye vert menthe - Lison Paris
Two piece triangle for girls, neon pinkBikini triangle filles, rose fluo - Lison Paris
Two pieces triangle for girls, aquaBikini triangle filles, aqua - Lison Paris

The New Collection by Lison Paris

1. The Sparkle of the New Collection

The new collection by Lison Paris is a true invitation to travel. Inspired by exotic destinations and vibrant colors, this collection encompasses three magnificent series: Taha, Bermuda, and Disco. Each series offers a palette of colors and designs that evoke the beauty and serenity of tropical destinations.

2. One-Piece Swimsuits: Tahaa Series

The Taha series features one-piece swimsuits that reflect the natural beauty of the islands. With subtle shades and elegant designs, these swimsuits are perfect for those seeking to combine style and simplicity.

3. Two-Piece Bikinis: Bermuda Series

The Bermuda series offers a range of two-piece bikinis in vibrant colors such as porcelain, emerald, coral, and iridescent blue. These bikinis are designed to enhance while providing optimal comfort, reminiscent of the crystal-clear waters of Bermuda.

4. Disco Series: A Touch of Brilliance

The Disco series adds a touch of brilliance to the collection with its sparkling designs and vibrant colors. Whether you choose a one-piece swimsuit or a bikini, the Disco series promises to make you shine under the sun.

5. Lison Paris' Commitment

Beyond the beauty and quality of its creations, Lison Paris is committed to the environment. The brand offers a range of eco-responsible swimsuits, made from recycled materials, reflecting its desire to preserve the natural beauty of our planet. To learn more about this commitment, visit our Conscience page.