Lison Paris blouses

To complete its swimwear collections, Lison Paris offers pretty cotton veil blouses. Matching the prints of girls' bikinis or swimsuits. Cotton blouses are perfect pieces for a summery and trendy look.
All girls, big or small can find what they are looking for in our wide choice of blouses. To be worn with matching shorts or with jeans for a casual look, our blouses are made with love and beautiful finishes: Some have pretty handmade pompoms, flat pleats, ultra-feminine ruffles... Others have lovely straps to tie, prints full of good humor and exotic motifs, and some have delicate embroidery.

Unique prints and details

The prints of our tops are all exclusive, and drawn by hand. All are designed as an invitation to travel: Creole tiles, palm trees, waves and birds of paradise, so that your holidays are synonymous with a change of scenery and unforgettable memories.
Whether you are looking for a refined piece or a favorite blouse to wear again and again, you will find what you are looking for in our wide range presented on our E-shop.
Our blouses are pieces to wear all summer long. Light and delicate they are to be added to the summer suitcase. Very easy to combine with shorts, jeans or a skirt, the girl's blouse goes well with all the pieces in our little ones' summer wardrobes...

Pieces that all girls love

Flagship piece of the wardrobe of our fashionistas, blouses and tops are pieces that can be worn all summer long until the start of the school year. These cotton veil tops allow you to create a girly and feminine look in an instant. Mums and daughters love our collections of tops and blouses because they are very delicate and the beauty of the details make them quite spectacular.
Whether you are looking for a top full of good humor with a colorful and trendy print, or a delicate and poetic blouse, you can be sure to find the piece you need on our site. With short sleeves, ruffles or straps, Lison Paris blouses and tops are trendy every season.