Women bikini

For sunbathing on the beach, lounging by the pool, or taking a dip, you will always need a pretty and comfortable women's bikini. Lison Paris presents a selection of two trendy pieces. Quickly put on your new women's bikini to play in the waves, do pool lengths or enjoy the joys of summer.

The triangle bikini for your body type

Whether you are petite or voluptuous, we have the women's bikini for you. The triangle bikini without under-wiring is a safe bet for small builds. Fashion fans love the lightness and summer spirit of the triangle bikini with low waist beach shorts. To give volume to a small bust, opt for a padded triangle bikini or a sexy padded bikini top with a push-up effect. If you have generous curves, you'll love the women's bikini with a fitted bra, which guarantees impeccable support, and high-waisted bottoms. This one is perfect for slimming the stomach and hips and reducing the curves. For a sexy and practical swimsuit, pair an underwired triangle bikini top with high-cut swim briefs.

Your new women's bikini: sexy swimsuit or wise triangle bikini?

Admittedly, the sexy black two-piece swimsuit is timeless, suitable for all body types, and easy to accessorize. However, do not hesitate to seek originality for your new women's bikini. For a sexy swimsuit, go for dazzling colors like fuchsia, turquoise, golden yellow, or even neon pink. Also, think about fancy prints. A triangle bikini decorated with shimmering patterns such as multicolored spirals or exotic fruits can be worn just as well with matching sexy bikini bottoms as with denim shorts and sandals. Pretty details like embroidery, fringes and lingerie-style lace accents give the finishing touch to a sexy swimsuit. Also, think about pastel colors for your triangle bikini to start a summer gently. We're just as crazy about the triangle bikini with a floral print, romantic as one could wish, or the sexy swimsuit enhanced with sequins, resolutely glamorous.

The Lison Paris women's bikini: a safe bet

At Lison Paris, we offer swimwear ranges for women, men, and children. In each women's bikini, you will find all the strengths that have made our success: an impeccable cut, varied colors, neat finishes, and high-quality textiles. Come and discover your new favorite sexy swimsuit on our online store.