Lison Paris, a committed and eco responsible brand

All Lison Paris polyamide fabrics are of European origin: comfortable, breathable and ultra-fast drying swimwear. Our best-sellers, like Boras Boras, are created from Econyl® fiber. This high-end recycled and recyclable fiber is developed from discarded fishing nets and other waste materials collected from the oceans. The charm of Econyl® also lies in its exceptional technical properties: an elastic fiber that is highly resistant to sun creams, wear and tear and repeated bathing.
Moreover, it is important to underline that :
- The manufacture of Econyl® fiber saves up to 80% of greenhouse gas emissions compared to new polyamide.
- Using Econyl® fiber is a way to participate in the cleaning of our oceans because abandoned nets represent a serious danger for marine ecosystems.

Strong and durable swimwear

Don't be fooled by their charming ruffles, exclusive prints and delicate stitching: Lison Paris swimsuits are of exceptional quality and durability. They were created to accompany you for more than just a summer: - Jumping in the waves and resisting the salt of the sea
- Rolling in the sand
- Like diving into the chlorine in the pool
- Endure layers of sunscreen
- Then drying in the sun
- ... and then do it again and again

It's whispered that Lison Paris swimsuits often get a new lease on life, without ever losing their luster, much to the delight of little brothers and sisters.

A luminous anti-UV protective fabric to filter the sun's rays

Brand awareness also means caring about the well-being of those who wear our swimwear. Long live the heat of summer, wild vacations, soft golden skin... enjoy the sun, yes, but only its benefits. That's why all our swimwear is UV-resistant. This commitment to joyful and luminous fashion, because sustainable and eco-responsible, embodies Lison Paris, naturally and consciously.

Certified materials for the planet

All the materials used in our collections are certified Oeko-Tex Standard 100, which guarantees that the clothes are environmentally friendly and also respectful of your child's skin. But what does OEKO-TEX mean?
An OEKO-TEX® Standard 100 fabric has been checked at every stage of its processing: raw materials, yarns, dyes, etc... The number 100 indicates that the fabric has been tested on 100 control parameters to ensure that it does not contain chemicals that are harmful to health. The parameters are based on international standards.
Lison Paris uses OEKO-TEX certified fibers and fabrics to protect your children's skin, but also to go further in our commitment to the planet.

Zero plastic at Lison Paris

All your orders are protected by a 100% biodegradable and environmentally friendly cornstarch bag. This bag dissolves in a few weeks in water or soil. There is no more plastic in Lison Paris orders, not in our warehouse, not even in our professional shipments. Swimwear is sent in beautiful beach bags that can be reused again and again... Our beachwear or cotton swimwear collections are delivered in cotton voile bags or matching tote bags.