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Boys' anti-UV t-shirt for optimal protection

Parasol, sunscreen and sunglasses are essential, but not enough to protect your baby from sunburn. To avoid burns, premature aging of the skin and the dermatologist, it is imperative to provide anti-UV clothing. With a boy's anti-UV t-shirt, your little rascal will enjoy swimming on the beach, taming the waves while surfing or sailing on the waves standing up on a paddle in complete peace of mind.

Ultraviolet (UVA and UVB) sunlight has proven harmful and carcinogenic effects on the skin. Clothing in anti-UV fabric is therefore no longer a choice, but a necessity, and the boy's anti-UV t-shirt is the element that protects your little one's skin. Lots of anti-UV clothing is available for sale: swimsuits, shorts, jumpsuits, marinières, sweatshirts, caps, panties, shortys, tank tops, leggings, hats, jeans, swim shorts, etc., you are spoiled for choice. choice. You can find boy's anti-UV t-shirts made of elastane (lycra), polyamide, polyester, microfiber... Whether you're looking for a boy's anti-UV t-shirt with short sleeves, a anti-UV boy's long-sleeved or sleeveless shirt, you will find anti-UV clothing that is comfortable, washable, easy to put on, which preserves freedom of movement, quick-drying and which provides effective sun protection. Before making the purchase, make sure that the UV protection index of the chosen garment is between 25 and 39 in order to be sure to filter out at least 96 to 97% of UV rays. When it comes to the design of your boy's UV protection t-shirt, the possibilities are endless and all cuts are available. Your anti-UV clothing can be striped, with prints, polka dots, embroidered, neon, beige or navy blue, you will find the ideal boy's anti-UV t-shirt.

Where can I buy a boy's anti-UV T-shirt?

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